Main idea trees:

Cut out a brown tree trunk with the main idea of the reading selection. Also cut out three or four cloud shapes from green paper, label each cutout with a different supporting detail, and then glue the shapes to the tree.:

Time lines:

  • a graphic representation of the passage of time as a line.
  • Image result for timelinesImage result for Kid Timelines


Compare/contrast bubbles:

  • Comparing and contrasting is a thinking strategy that we use to make sense of what we read. This graphic organizer is very versatile and can be used to teach students to compare and contrast two things, settings, characters, themes, versions of the same tale, mysteries, poems, and other traits.
  • The Venn diagram used for this looks like this picture below. using each side to describe differences and the middle to share similarities.
  • Venn Diagram - Free Printable Compare and Contrast Worksheet for Kids:
    • Image result for compare and contrast bubbles
    • Image result for compare and contrast bubbles

Think-writes for different skills and strategies

  • Think-writes are short, quick bits of writing that help your students focus and clarify their thinking.
  • often completed in two minutes and never take more than five minutes.
  • Written for the writer to clarify thinking.

Practical Application

  • I will use venn diagrams in my classroom to compare and contrast different elements.